co Should You Place AdSense Ads On Your Blog? |

AdSense is a monetization model that has made a lot of people money. So should you place AdSense ads on your company blog?

I agree with this blogger who says “No.”

Your company blog is there to drive traffic to your website and to close sales. You want to attract targeted customers and to do business with them. If you place AdSense ads on your blog and your readers click those ads they will be leaving your blog and heading over to your competition to do business with them. The thousands of dollars you stand to lose in business to your competitors will more than offset the few dollars you’ll make on the AdSense ads.

If you want to tap into AdSense as a revenue source then I recommend that you set up an information-only type blog and keep it updated with well-optimized content. Put all the AdSense on it you want. Your readers will click the ads and you’ll make money. Since you aren’t selling a service on those types of ads you can get away with the clicks that take your readers elsewhere. Don’t confuse your monetization models. Competing models work, but you don’t want them on the same properties.