co Amid Economic Downturn, Online Advertising Is Increasing |

(Source) The Bottom Line? Internet advertsising is probably the single most cost effective means of advertising available today and companies continue to up their budgets to capitalize.

I think this is an amazing announcement. With fuel prices climbing ever higher and more people losing jobs (and businesses), for anyone to say that advertising expenses are rising is incredible. I think it means that consumers are growing more confident of the Internet – at least, business consumers are. With the increase in online advertising, I think retail consumers will follow with more confidence of online purchasing, which means two things for businesses that operate online:

  1. More advertising should pay off
  2. Offering purchasing opportunities online will pay off

In both of these cases, businesses that advertise online should win. But you do have a budget to think about. Have you started allocating a part of your monthly budget to online advertising? If not, you should think about it.

How can you make Internet marketing pay?