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Yep, I read it here. But something else I think this article says that is helpful is right here:

1. Accurate data and information
2. Have listings on multiple services
3. Offer multilingual listings
4. Enhance your content
5. where applicable offer customers the ability to interact with ratings and reviews of your service
6. finally, a strong merchant website

According to Nick Patsiopoulos, Product Manager at Yahoo! Canada, these are the six things a local small business needs to be successful at Internet marketing. Notice that having a website is last. I found that to be interesting.

I’m not sure what he means by “accurate data and information”. If that’s on your website then I agree that it’s important, but perhaps out of order. You have to have information and data before it can be accurate.

The listings on multiple services is a good one. What many local businesses seem to miss is that off-site information can be just as valuable, or more, as your on-site information. That’s why it’s important to create profiles at directories and review sites.

The multilingual listings is optional. That won’t benefit everyone. If you live in a rural area where most of the people who would be your potential customers will speak the same language then multilingual listings might not help. But I’d say that this probably would help most small business owners, especially if you do business in a large urban area.

Again, “enhance the content” doesn’t make much sense outside of the context of a website. I think I would move having a website to No. 1 on the list because all of the off-site listings in the world are only going to do you some partial good without a website. You really want your website to appear in search engine rankings higher than any of your off-site listings, which should serve to enhance your website.

I’d probably list No. 5 at No. 2. This is very powerful. Allowing your customers to review your business and offer feedback is one of the most valuable things you can do. And, remember, 40% of search queries are local, which means you stand a greater chance of being found if you target local searches.

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