co Are Negative Reviews Bad? | has been a great resource for local businesses seeking to attract consumers from their own neighborhoods for some years now. Finally, the website has added user reviews. That’s a good thing.

User reviews allow consumers to talk to consumers directly about the products and services they have an interest in. And to add to it the local geographic angle where consumers in a particular city or town, or even state, can offer up their experiences so that others can benefit and make choices based on user testimony, well, that just adds another dimension to online business – a valuable one at that. But is it any good for business?

Let’s be honest. Not all reviews are good. We’d be fools to expect every consumer to write a glowing review of our business. We just can’t make everyone happy. But should we be concerned about negative reviews on a website like What if those reviews rise to the top of Google for all the world to see?

Admittedly, that is a danger. But I don’t think most businesses should be too concerned about negative reviews at sites like This is especially true if you try to perform a good service. Negative reviews allow you to see what consumers are saying about you when you’re not around. They allow consumer honesty, which leads you – if you’re paying attention – to think more in-depthly about your business and how you want it to be perceived. You then have a choice: Fix the problems so that future customers don’t have the same experience (and potentially write negative reviews themselves) or decide that you are willing to live with a weakness in order to serve the market you are aiming for and meet their needs.

Business owners who care about their customers and work hard to provide a good service shouldn’t be overly concerned with negative reviews. You should welcome them.

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