co Take A Picnik Break |

From time to time I like highlighting useful websites and one that I found recently that looks very promising is Picnik.

If you like Photoshop you’ll love Picnik. The online version of photo cropping and and photo enhancing, Picknik will give you the tools to do what you want to do and to top it off, it is compatible with all of the photo sharing sites online.

You may be wondering why you’d switch from Photoshop to Picnik if Photoshop does the trick. Here are the practical applications that you need to consider:

  1. If the photos that you want to crop and enhance are already uploaded to Flickr, Photobucket, or Facebook then you’ll have to edit them in Photoshop then re-upload them to your favorite photo sharing site by either replacing the original or changing the name of the file. But with Picnik you can edit the photo right from the photo sharing site, saving you time and hard drive space on your computer in home or office.
  2. With Picnik you can edit your photos and save them to a photo sharing site, your hard drive, or in a folder on your server to be used when you blog or build your website.
  3. Anything you can do in Photobook can be done in Picnik and it’s compatible with PCs, Mac, or Linux operating systems. That means you have unlimited versatility.
  4. Let’s say you are blogging and you upload a photo to your blog, but realize afterward that you want to crop out a portion of it or clear up some imperfections in the photo. No need to open up Photoshop and edit the photo then re-upload it. You can edit the photo in Picnik and save it over the uploaded photo in your blog. Again, this saves a lot of time and resources.

Picnik is a cool online photo editing site that will let you do anything you need to do with your professional, personal, or artistic photos. And it’s free. Of course, they also have a paid version that you can upgrade to, but the free version does so much that only the most advanced users will want to upgrade. I’m sure you’ll love Picnik.