co Are All File Name Extensions Created Equal? |

Yesterday, I posted about Google’s .0 prejudice and wouldn’t you know it – they changed it. It’s true. Google is now crawling and indexing URLs that end with .0.

But don’t think that all file name extensions are equal. They’re not. Matt Cutts makes it perfectly clear that some file name extensions are worthless and won’t be crawled. Specifically, .exe and .dll.

But that doesn’t mean that the file name extensions Google does index are ranked in any particular order of preference or hierarchy. Your .com extension, for instance, isn’t anymore valuable than a .biz, .net, or .org extension. Good SEO is good SEO and no matter what file name extension you use, all other factors being the same, using a .com file name extension isn’t going to put you over the edge. No added advantage. Factors that are much more important than file name extension include:

  • Age of domain
  • On-page SEO factors
  • Link building
  • File name
  • IP Address (bad neighborhood, anyone?)
  • Reputation

No sooner had I made my post and Google is tinkering with its policies again. Sometimes that’s good. This is one of those times. You can now have file name extensions that end with .0, but I learned something new by reading up on this subject this week. If you end all of your URLs with a / then you’ll never have to worry about the file name extension. Even before its change in policy, Google would have indexed a .0/ any day. Go figure.