co Google's .0 Prejudice |

Now here’s a Google tidbit I wasn’t aware of: Don’t end your URLs with .0. They won’t get ranked.

Evidently, this phenomenon is only true at Google. Yahoo! and MSN Live index those pages anyway, but it does seem to be a rather arbitrary rule. As Rand says, a human review might be in order to ensure that such pages aren’t spam. If they are, Google can ditch them. If not, then approve them and index them. Seems simple.

It pays to read the leading SEO blogs from time to time just to see if anything new develops. In fact, I’d say that the three most important activities for anyone interested in do-it-yourself SEO are:

  • Read a handful of SEO blogs to stay on top of industry changes
  • Test and experiment
  • Review and analyze

I know SEOmoz does these things. Any serious SEO and any successful Internet marketer is doing all three and that’s why the .0 rule is such big news. None of us have ever seen it before.

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