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You bet it is. This article tells it better than I can. But I’d like to point out a few things that I found interesting:

But when it comes to making decisions, Gen Y tends to rely on their network of friends and their recommendations, not traditional ads. “Ads that push a slogan, an image, and a feeling, the younger consumer is not going to go for,” says James R. Palczynski, retail analyst for Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Instead, they respond to “humor, irony, and the unvarnished truth.” They’re also somewhat distrusting of ads, which is why grassroots efforts can also work. However, don’t get too comfortable, Gen Y doesn’t have brand loyalty – they’re quick to move the next big thing.

Take away: Cut the five-second soundbite. No canned elevator speeches. And don’t expect Gen Y to love you enough to live with you for the rest of your life (I’m not talking about marriage here).

Traditional advertisers know that young people are the most easily persuaded demographic in the world because they don’t have brand loyalty and their willing to try new things. That may change with the younger set today. No brand loyalty means never, not not yet. And did you get that part about valuation of peer opinions and attitudes? If you want to reach Generation Y, you’ve got to give them the ability to communicate directly with their friends about you and not be afraid of what they’ll say. Internet marketing is the only medium that allows you to do that comfortably, affordably, and conveniently.

Web Sites Will Need to Cater to Shorter Attention Spans: No more long boring text! Thanks to constant media input, Gen Y has shorter attention spans and their “grasshopper minds” leap quickly from topic to topic. (They also didn’t read this whole article…too long!)

Take away: Short, snappy articles with short, snappy sentences. And lots of multimedia.

Generation Y, who sees the mobile as a social device first and an information device second, is not using today’s mobile search as much as expected. But Generation Y is using mobile phones to access social networks.”

Take away: Make your website social and mobile accessible.

What Internet marketing is all about.