co Skip Intro: Does Google Have The Right? |

Here’s an interesting question posed by Marketing Pilgrim. Does Google have a right to give searchers the option to skip intro whenever they are about to visit a sight with a Flash landing page?

I think so. Google has no obligation to webmasters to show their site exactly as the webmaster wishes. Google exists for searchers, not webmasters. And the search engine has said all along that it’s primary mission is to help searchers find information. Webmasters should make it their primary mission to help Google, and the other search engines, do a better job of doing just that. Flash intros impede the information searching game for searchers.

You know what I’m talking about. You search for a certain type of information and find a result on the SERP that looks like it might be what you want. You click the link and you land on a web page that has a Flash intro. It loads slowly. Sometimes you have a “skip intro” option and sometimes you don’t. Webmaster’s choice, right? Sure. Webmaster’s choice. But, what about on the search engine’s search results page?

This is where it gets sticky. Google can do whatever it wants with its own website and since its mission is to help searchers find the information they want, if a skip intro option on the SERP helps the searcher save time and find the HTML version of a page quicker then Google is doing what it set out to do – help the searcher find the information it is looking for.

If you are planning to build a Flash intro into your website, you might want to consider that no one will ever see it. Personally, I think Flash intros are useless. Flash in limited doses is OK, but don’t force your website users to site through a slow-loading Flash intro just because you think it’s cool.

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