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I got this e-mail the other day, another spammer looking for publicity:

Hello , I am Katherine Villete and I am writing to offer you my services. I have been a consistent blogger and I have learned that you have been looking for bloggers to make a review on your site. At present, I can offer my 130 blogs with different IPs, and all blogs are technorati claimed which can surely help you increase ranking in SERPs and increase your Technorati authority which is good in SEO. I will write you good and well-written reviews which will be composed of 150 to 200 words each review with 3 links with your keywords and image in each of the post. I will be creating 130 completely unique articles about your site. Also, if your interested on sitewide link then i have 10 PR6 blogs i can offer you. If your interested, please let me know. Katherine Villete ————————— reply with “remove me” and you will deleted to the mailing list.

First, Katherine, I didn’t ask you to e-mail me so you’re guilty of spam. That’s illegal. But aside from the obvious illegal aspects of this e-mail I’d like to address the offer.

I’m not sure where you learned that I was looking for bloggers. I have not been looking for people to review my site at all. I think, rather, that you just made it up. After all, you are a spammer and a lawbreaker so why should anyone believe you when you say “I have learned”? The fact is, I’m not looking for bloggers to review my site at all.

Wow, 130 blogs? You write that many? You must not have a life. It’s great, though, that they all have different IPs. That way, if I was interested in the unethical practice of paying for a positive review then it would be nice to know that these reviews didn’t sit side by side together on the same server so that Google would know that I’m not abiding by their guidelines. Oh, and you’ve claimed them all on Technorati? That’s an even better bonus. It would be nice to know that Technorati would see the links from your 130 blogs to mine and give me credit for those.

But I didn’t know that a higher Technorati authority was good for SEO. It might help, a little. But, honestly, the best SEO in the world is quality content every day and content on your blogs is not going to help my blogs a whole lot. Content on my blogs will help tremendously. As you can see, I post to my blog every day and it seems to be doing quite well on its own.

Your offer to write reviews of 150-200 words with three links and an image in each review is such a meager offer even though you don’t mention price. You see, I know that three links is no more valuable than one. Google isn’t going to give me link juice for all three links – it’s one of their spam control measures. They’ll give me credit for the first link and after that linking is beneficial only as a traffic-driving measure. How much traffic could I expect from your 130 blogs? You never tell me that.

Images won’t matter. They’re not crawlable. I’ll get no SEO benefit from the image. And what would it be anyway? A screenshot of my blog? No thanks. No benefit there.

Completely unique articles? That’s nice because you know that 130 articles that were exactly the same would be duplicate content articles and that wouldn’t help you much. I really couldn’t care less because 130 articles on your websites will only serve as content issues for you, not for me. Oh yeah, but you mentioned links, didn’t you? Only one per blog post and, yes, the fact that each article would be different from the next would help – as long as the search engines don’t discover that I paid for them.

Sitewide links? Besides the obvious grammar errors, which won’t look good for either of us if I decide to use your services (not likely), what do you mean by “sitewide links”? Are those links that point to every page on my site? And why do you offer 10 PR6 blogs? Since PageRank is almost useless as a measure of success now, it doesn’t really matter what your PR is. And if I’m supposed to be impress by your 10 PR6 sites then tell me what PR your other 130 are. If they are below PR5 then they won’t help a great deal because, as you can see, my website is a PR4. While links from PR3 sites might be OK, they are not going to be as powerful as links from a PR5 site nor will they be as powerful as links from sites that are within the same niche as mine. But you never tell me what kind of sites your 130 sites are, do you? Are they rubber manufacturing sites? Travel sites? General spam sites? If they are not Internet marketing site as mine is then they will be of very little value to me.

Katherine, I am not only NOT interested in your offer, but I would report you to Google if I knew which URLs to report. Your offer provides very little benefit to me and actually risks doing me harm if I were stupid enough to accept it. It looks like you’ll be looking for another sucker today. Good luck in finding one.


Caroline Melberg
Chief Executive PITA (Pain In The A**)
Small Business Mavericks