co Icahn, Yahoo! Exchange Affects Small Businesses Too |

I guess Yahoo!s latest correspondence with Carl Icahn is a definitive no. Mr. Icahn’s five-point plan to improve Yahoo! consisted of this:

  • A replacement of Yahoo!s “poison pill severance plan” with another plan
  • Replace Jerry Yang with a “talented and experienced” CEO
  • Encourage Yahoo!s board to communicate to Microsoft that it will not accept less than $33 per share as a buyout offer
  • Ask the Yahoo! board to sell Yahoo! to Microsoft in a “friendly and cooperative” manner
  • Alternatively, to seek a search partnership with Google if Microsoft doesn’t want to buy Yahoo!

It looks like neither Mr. Icahn nor the Yahoo! BOD are going to get what they want any time soon. And that means Yahoo! users are pretty much stuck with what Yahoo! has to offer right now. No major changes to the search landscape any time soon. I guess that’s good or bad for small businesses depending on how you want to look at it.