co Paid Link Schemes Will Kill Your Business |

I received the following e-mail in my inbox yesterday:


We’ve seen your website at
and we love it!

We see that your traffic rank is 423325

With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month
to advertise our links on your website.

If you’re interested, read our terms from this page:
(website deleted)


Keith Daniels
The ContactThem Network

I don’t know who Keith Daniels is, but I know I don’t want to do business with him. Many website owners would be taken in by this kind of sales pitch, but I would caution you not to be suckered by it.

Assuming that this company is serious about their offer and that they would actually pay me the $4,800 per month (which is a lot, by the way – it’s usually much, much less!) – of course, it does say up to $4,800 – but, diversions aside, assuming they are serious and would pay, the cost in lost business due to watering down my SEO and providing exit holes for my real prospects, not to mention the slam to my credibility, would just kill my business. I mean kill it!

What this boils down to is a paid links scheme. It is interesting that the company chose a folder on my website tools2.html where they propose to put their link because they love it (the website). What they really want to do is write some text that may be unrelated to the text on my website then use their preferred anchor text link to link back to their own site in order to increase their link popularity. What is the benefit to me? Nil.

You see, my visitors will see their content and notice a few things:

  • It’s not related to the rest of the content on my page
  • It’s written in a different tone and style
  • It links to another site that doesn’t make sense for my niche

Visitors who notice those things won’t do business with me. I will lose all credibility in their eyes because it will be obvious that is a paid link. And whenever you do something like that you lose credibility with your target market. You’ll be blogged about by other bloggers in your niche. Their visitors will see those blog posts and visit your blog only to laugh at you and never return. If you’re lucky you will have sold your website and it’s credibility for a few extra dollars each month. But you likely won’t get rich and earn the thousands of dollars of monthly income they are promising. You’ll just be washed up and sold out. Is that what you really want?

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