co Google Now Controls 71.2% Of The Search Market |

While this Wall Street Journal article isn’t about search per se, it is interesting that the WSJ notes that Google now owns 71.2% of the search market. This has been steadily increasing in recent years and it could increase even more. With Yahoo! in trouble financially, and possibly legally, there is a possibility that the second largest search engine could end up in someone else’s hands, turning over the majority of the 38.8% market share to someone else. There is no doubt that Google will pick up some of that if it happens and that will put Google at near 80% of the market share in search.

This is big news because, like it or not, it means that Google lays the groundwork for everyone else – adertisers, searchers, search marketing firms, and other search engines. Whichever direction Google goes, so goes the Net.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t target other search engines with your search marketing. You can. I’ve known marketers who have achieved Page 1 MSN Live rankings and have solid income from their SERP listings just on that one search engine. So it is possible to run a business only with search listings from one search engine if that search engine isn’t Google. But why would you want to?

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