co Do You Have An Internal Company Blog? |

Lee Odden wrote a post about why business blogs fail. I’d have to concur that those are five of the most common reasons why business blogs don’t make it. He also offered this suggestion as a starting point:

As blog consultants, we encourage companies to start their own internal blogs and see what’s involved. That way they can appreciate the challenges of developing a successful blog.

I’ve never thought of that, but that’s a good thing to do. I’d also suggest finding other blogs within your niche and commenting on them before you start your own. Understand what a reader of blogs encounters so that you can make your blog more reader oriented. If you understand blogging from a readership perspective then you’ll be a much better blogger.

When you do start blogging, brainstorm for ideas before you start. Write down your top 20 most important keywords. Under each keyword, think of 10 potential posts. Write them down using the keyword within the title of the idea. That is a potential post title. If you do that then you’ll have 200 blog post ideas before you ever start blogging. Do this for your internal company blog, which is just a practice blog for now. If you can’t keep an internal blog going for 200 days then you’ll never be able to manage a public company blog long term. In that case, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blog, but it may mean that you should look for a blog ghostwriter or someone who specializes in managing commercial blogs.