co Blogging Is Less Expensive SEO Alternative With Huge Benefits |

Ambar Shrivastava of MediaPost’s SearchInsider wrote a great article on company blogging for small- to mid-size companies who don’t want to invest thousands of dollars into SEO. The alternative, he says, is blogging. And even more striking, he says that blogging offers a more affordable way to reach audiences with the speed of pay per click advertising.

He’s 100% correct. You can set up a blog in just a couple of hours and be blogging to it in no time. The process is really simple and the blog software that I recommend is free so there are no upfront costs – unless, of course, you hire a ghostwriter to write the blog for you. Even if you hired a full-time blog manager to manage your blogging for you, you’d spend less money overall than you would by hiring that same person to manage a PPC campaign.

In his article, Ambar Shrivastava says:

Blogging may not be the long-term solution for fixing a broken site, but it will get your foot in the door for SEO, deliver results in the short term, and facilitate the process of getting buy-in for full-scale, long-term SEO projects for the rest of your Web site.

While his insights are true for the most part, I’d add that you can use blogging as a long-term SEO strategy as long as you don’t rely on it alone. You’d want to some other things as well to supplement blogging, or use blogging to supplement your other initiatives. But you can start the blogging first and get quicker results in the short term while working toward your long term goals. And you can do this for much less than you can through pay per click advertising or managing a full-scale SEO campaign.