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Here are a few reasons why website promotion is key to your success in the short and long-term:

Whether you’ve built a small niche website or a large directory, knowing how to promote your website is the only way to ensure success for the long-term. Websites built with search engine optimization in mind aren’t guaranteed traffic; while you may reach high search engine rankings that lead to a steady visitor stream, branching out with a powerful website promotion strategy will help you create a firm foundation and capture the market.

Here are a few reasons why website promotion is key to your success in the short and long-term:

  1. Marketing your site helps build brand awareness. Building recognition for your brand is an ongoing process, but many website owners fail to see how important this step really is. Branding can be as simple as sending out press releases with your website URL and logo, or complex as building up a newsletter list and sending out frequent news bytes and other information to your customers. Promoting through social networks and other social media is another way to create brand awareness and encourage steady traffic to your site.
  2. Building quality content will attract visitors. With the advent of Web 2.0 social media sites, more and more people are getting ready to share quality content they’ve discovered. Part of your website promotion strategy will involve building quality content for your site so that people begin to share and link back to your content, videos and blogs; this naturally starts to attract large amounts of traffic.
  3. Directory submissions help boost page rank. Building an SEO-friendly site isn’t the only way to gain good PR rankings on Google; making sure your website has been submitted to different directories and listing sites can help you drive clicks to your site when people are searching for content specific to your industry. There are many directories to choose from, but you need to know which specific category and section to submit to so you get the best placement.
  4. ‘Freebies’ will drive traffic to your site consistently. Giving away something for free can also help you build traffic and encourage new visitors to frequent the site. Whether this is a free eBook, video or tutorial, anything that will attract unique visitors to your site is a part of website promotion efforts.
  5. Using keywords and key phrases will help you capture your target market. Capturing your target market on a consistent basis gives you leverage against the competition. When you are developing unique content that captures a captive audience, both advertisers and visitors will become aware of your brand, your site and your business. This is an effective website promotion strategy that will help you create a phenomenal business; a few carefully selected keywords and key phrases may be all it takes to drive quality traffic to your site and build your business with ease.

Developing a website promotion strategy is a critical step for any business, and will help you create a firm foundation to build upon. Promoting a website through any or all of these five channels is a simple way to get started; there are several strategies that you can employ consistently to achieve results, but all are equally important in getting the traffic and brand exposure you need for your future success!

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