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Here are seven things you MUST know before hiring a web designer, developer or webmaster for your project:

When you’ve decided on the type of website you want to build and are ready to implement your Web 2.0 strategy, finding the right web professional is the next critical step. Web professionals will be responsible for setting up your server, creating login information for access to your site, and will essentially have full command and control over how your site looks and performs on the web. If you aren’t hiring the right match, your entire business could be at risk.

Here are seven things you MUST know before hiring a web designer, developer or webmaster for your project:

1. Do they have enough experience? A web professional without enough experience may slow down your business and marketing growth plans – if they’re always trying to catch up on the latest market trends and changes, you could be sabotaging your business efforts and miss out on key opportunities.

2. Can they create an SEO-friendly site? Search engine optimization is a critical factor for success in today’s competitive marketplace. Make sure the web professional can comply with SEO standards and build something that can stand strong with the constant changes presented by the search engines.

3. Do they check their work for validation? W3C validation is another critical element for all websites and blogs, and compliance means your site can be found across several search engines and networks with ease. Make sure your web professional has a system in place to check their work.

4. Can the web professional help you develop the site for the long-term? Web design and development isn’t a static process, so you’ll need to work with someone who can build, create and explore new opportunities as the site grows.

5. Are they involved with ongoing education? The world of the internet is constantly changing and shifting; if your web professional stays one step ahead of the trends and ‘buzz’ in your industry, you may have a stronger chance of succeeding with your business ideas for the long-term.

6. Can they provide product support? If your web professional is introducing new products, software and components into the website, can they offer support and guidelines for use? If your company grows and you build a team with other developers and designers, everyone needs to be able to use the system. Your web professional needs to be knowledgeable and capable of training others if needed.

7. Do they charge by hour or project? If you are hiring a web professional on-site, you may be involved with salary or hourly rate negotiations. However, many talented web professionals work on a freelance basis so you’ll need to develop a contract to determine how to coordinate payment for their work. Make an offer based on their skills, experience and potential with your company – they may be one of your most valuable assets.

Hiring a web professional who has the right skills and working knowledge of your market is ideal, but there are several other characteristics that you need to look for. From understanding SEO to staying ahead of market trends, the best web professional will help you build and develop your site with the important marketing and growth strategies in mind. Make sure you’ve considered these seven items before hiring a web designer, developer or webmaster for your next project.

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