co Online Branding Made Simple |

Branding your business online is every bit as important as branding it off line. And it’s really a lot simpler. You can do some of the same things, of course. Your company logo can be used online just the same as it can off line, and you should use it wherever and whenever you can. The perfect place for your company logo is in the headers of your website and blog. But why stop there? You have so many other branding options available to you online that to ignore any of them is to effectively shoot yourself in the foot.

One of the best ways to brand yourself online happens before you ever put up your website. Proper keyword research can lead you to the perfect domain name. A good domain name not only tells visitors what kind of business you are, but it also can be used as a branding tool. Small Business Mavericks is more than just a website that caters to small businesses – it is a brand. It was designed that way on purpose.

Other ways to brand yourself online include:

  • Using a creative tagline that tells people what you do and why you do it
  • Website or blog design can be effective in branding your business
  • Ads that run on other websites can be used to brand your business
  • Even PPC ads can be used for branding
  • Creative use of keywords can be used to convey a particular image about your company that brands you in the minds of your target market
  • Your company newsletter or e-zine can and should be used as a branding tool
  • Branding can also take place through your social media profiles
  • And you can brand yourself in your author resource bios when conducting article marketing

There is no limit to how you can brand your business online. The tools and resources available to you are numerous and all you have to do is ensure that they work together to create an image that people can relate to, respect, and identify with. That’s what online branding is all about.