co Rank Your Blog Or RSS Feed |

There’s a new service that promises to deliver RSS feeds for blogs based on blog post popularity. AideRSS is being called an “intelligent assistant”. Well, I think my human assistant is pretty intelligent, but that’s OK.

Among the features of this new service are:

  • Filter any blog or RSS feed
  • Customize to your interests
  • Live, best posts widgets
  • Daily digests of top stories
  • Intelligent PostRank filtering

PostRank is an AideRSS service that promises to analyze your blog and rank your blog posts according to popularity using, presumably, all new criteria. That is, criteria that you don’t already get analyzed through Google Analytics. So how does the service work?

(Source) in a nutshell you enter the URL of the feed that you would like to have filtered and we do some math and checking around the web to learn about this feed, its statistics, and people’s reaction to it. We then assign PostRank™ scores to all articles in the feed and provide you with a variety of tools to sort and parse these items of interest into manageable lots for you to scan and digest at your leisure.

That does sound a lot like the way Google does it, doesn’t it? Without more information, I believe I’ll withhold judgment. But I do see two useful applications for this service.

The first application is the sorting of your own RSS feeds. According to the company’s sales page, you can sort your own RSS feeds, the ones you like to read, in ways that most feed readers don’t allow. For instance, if you just want to read the “good posts” from your favorite blogs then you input the data that you consider to be the best criteria for judging good and the service will rank the individual blog posts that come in daily according to that criteria. Sounds like a little bit of a time saver there.

The other useful service is the AideRSS widget feature. You can rank blogs posts according to top rank, PageRank, and have those posts appear on your blog in a widget. I don’t think I’ve seen this service before. It looks interesting.

According to Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, the best time to post to your blog is on Thursday between 5-7 p.m.

Luciani’s conclusion: between 1pm and 3pm PST (after lunch) or between 5pm and 7pm PST (after work) are the best times and Thursday is the best day. The worst time to post? Between 3 and 5 PM PST on the weekends – nobody cares.

I’d say this is probably true for the most post. People like to use their weekends to play outside the house, especially in the summer. But I think your weekend statistics in the winter time should be better. I also think peak posting times depend a lot on the type of blog that you are writing and the interests of your blog readers. Right after lunch seems reasonable for most business blogs. But in the evening? Again, it depends on your business, but if you have a local blog on the east coast and you cater mostly to business people who read blogs during the day, I’m thinking 8 p.m. EST isn’t the best time. Some things you just have to take with a grain of salt.