co What Is A Permalink And Why Do I Need One? |

A permalink is the URL of a specific blog post once it has moved beyond your home page into the archives. It is the part of the URL that follows the first / in your blog post’s URL.

For instance, the Small Business Mavericks blog URL is Each individual blog post has its own URL that is designated by the website URL followed by the / symbol and usually the title of the post. Yesterday’s blog post permalink is

That’s pretty long, isn’t it?

The part that follows the second / and begins with the word “seo” is the blog post’s specific page URL. In the case of this blog, the permalink consists of the name of the category into which that blog post was set (SEO For Small Business) followed by a / symbol and the name of the blog post (5 SEO Tips To Improve Your Business Website) followed by another / and the date of the post.

You can format your permalinks any way you want. You can format them with or without your category names. You can format them with or without the dates. You can even shorten the post part of the URL with some blogging platforms, such as WordPress, by finding the place in the system that allows you to do that and manually changing the URL “slug.” When you do that, your title will not be changed, but the actual URL, or permalink, will.

The permalink is what tells search engines and human visitors where to find each individual blog post. It is a necessary part of that blog post’s address and if you write about the same topics often then you’ll want to make sure that each blog post has a unique permalink.