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SEO is a very important part of having a website and you should definitely do your best to ensure that you are using all areas of your site to boost your rankings. Search engines love optimized websites and though you may be using meta tags and proper keyword density in your content, there is still a lot to learn! Here are 5 tips to keep your SEO going strong.

  1. Make your URLs SEO friendly. You can do this by using your keywords in your page URLs, rather than just numbers or a random jumble of letters and numbers.
  2. Set up a site map. A site map basically tells the search engine spiders how to get to all the various pages on your website, which, in turn, helps you by boosting rankings.
  3. Use original content. Writing your own content is the best way to ensure this. If you have duplicate articles on your website, you´ll be penalized by the search engines and that´s just not good.
  4. Consider blogging. While a website is a great way to gain traffic for your business, blogs are just more SEO friendly because of the constantly updated content. It could be a good move to start one up for your business.
  5. Update your content. Not only is it a bad SEO technique to let your content stagnate, but your clients won´t come back if there is never anything new!

These are just a few of the more overlooked areas of SEO that you can use on your business website. It´s a great way to increase your SEO and move ahead of the competition in the search engines.

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