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Viral marketing is a phrase you´ll hear tossed around a lot online, but rarely explained. What exactly is viral marketing, how can it help you and what makes something viral? These are all questions that plague anyone who is getting started in internet marketing for their business.

First things first, viral marketing is simply marketing that spreads itself. It is something, often an ebook or video, that catches people´s attention and they pass it on to friends and clients. You start the process and it then continues on its own . . . it´s a great way to market for anyone!

It should be pretty obvious by now how viral marketing can help you. You´ll be getting plenty of attention and hits on your website, simply by putting an article or video out there. It will have your link in it and everyone will be coming by to see what else you have to offer.

So, what makes something viral? It really depends, but there are a few common factors among viral marketing campaigns.

  • The item to go viral is free
  • It is extremely useful or funny
  • It makes people go, “Oh, of COURSE!”
  • There is anticipation
  • It´s seen everywhere at once

You can probably figure out the first few on your own, so we´ll just look at the last two points here. Anticipation is huge when you want something to go big. Let people know ahead of time what you´re planning. Get your business networking contacts to talk about it to their clients. Basically, create a bit of hype before the product is even released, people will be chomping at the bit to get their copy!

You can ensure that your ebook or other viral marketing item is seen everywhere at once, giving it the instant impression of being immensely popular. The best way to do this is to send copies ahead of time, along with a press release, to popular blogs and websites. These people will then hopefully give you some publicity. It doesn´t hurt to offer them something, like a mention in the book or make the book brandable so they earn any affiliate commissions from the people who download it from them.

Viral marketing takes work. Very rarely will an ebook go viral without the forethought necessary, so make sure you think it through and plan your viral marketing campaign carefully. Then go for it. It could be the best thing to ever happen to your business.

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