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PPC, or pay per click, isn´t always an instant success. In fact, there are several areas where you can end up in trouble with PPC and small businesses, with their smaller advertising budgets, are more likely to face these issues. Here are just a few of the most common ones.

PPC Problem #1: Lots of clicks, no sales.

There are two things that could be going on here. One, your landing page may need revising and two, it´s possible that your ad isn´t clear enough. If people think you mean one thing and really you mean another, they´ll click, realize their mistake and leave. This costs you money, so make sure that you are very clear in your ad copy. Likewise, if your landing page isn´t convincing or doesn´t offer what the ad promises, people will leave.

PPC Problem #2: No clicks.

When you aren´t getting any clicks at all, you might need to rethink your ad copy. It might help to hire a professional copywriter to do the ad for you. And, make sure it´s being shown on relevant pages. Sometimes PPC ads end up appearing on random sites that have nothing to do with their real topic, so check that your keywords are clear.

PPC Problem #3: Super high rates for your chosen keywords.

It´s not always a good idea to get that first place with the best keywords. Try using different, less popular keywords, long-tail keywords, etc. You might be surprised to find that you can get just as many hits from much less money spent on several lower traffic keywords. Experiment and determine which is best for you.

Obviously these aren´t all the issues you could face with PPC, but they are quite common. It really helps to make sure you look for a solution long before these issues become a big problem, or you could end up spending all your advertising budget on things that don´t work!

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