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You have plenty of options for social networking online, but setting up your very own group is perhaps one of the best ways to do this. There are plenty of places to create a business networking group. I´ve compiled a short list to get you started.

Facebook. This is a social media website that tends to lean toward high school reunions, but it can also be used very effectively for networking with other businesspeople. Set up your own group for your particular industry and network with others.

Work It, Mom! Aimed at moms who work, this site has a huge following from women who run their own businesses. You can easily create a group for any interest here.

Yahoo Groups. An oldie, but a goody, you can use Yahoo groups to create a networking group of your own and communicate with them via email.

Gather. Here you´ll find a great outlet for articles as well as a space to build a group of business owners. You can not only create a group, but search out and invite members based on their profiles.

Ning. This is a site that allows you to set up your very own social network site for free. Your network will be open to the public, so you can attract new members.

What social networking sites do you use to set up groups? Share in the comments and we can all benefit!

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