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Not all social media sites are the same. So how do you know which ones to focus on? Today, we´ll look at the research process needed to determine where you should be spending your social media time. After all, no one has the time needed to be on every site every day, so you´ll need to narrow the field down to just a few that you can reasonably handle in a day.

Find relevant social media sites.
You´ll find, if you actually pay attention, that many social media sites have a specific focus. Some are meant for business, others are directed at parents, while still others focus on technology or news. Submitting your site to a non-relevant social media site won´t do you much good, since you´ll be voted off real fast. Not to mention, if you´re looking for traffic, you want a social media site where people will actually be looking for your type of website.

Determine popularity. It won´t necessarily help you if you are very active on a tiny, unknown social media site. However, do keep in mind that small sites have the potential to grow. Use your judgement on this one, but in general, if you have very little time for social media marketing, you´ll want to aim for more popular social media sites.

Eliminate high school get togethers. Yes, social media is a great resource, but you are aiming for business use, so joining up on Facebook and finding your long lost school pals is definitely going to be distracting! Unless you have a very good reason use a site like this, stick to the more useful kind.

Using these three points, you should be able to narrow down the social media field a bit and find which sites are best for you. There are literally hundreds of social media sites in existence, so you just need to to some investigating.

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