co Networking: Remembering Who Everyone Is |

When you hit big networking events, like trade shows or seminars, you´ll meet dozens of people who could be great contacts to have in the future. So, you hand out business cards and collect them in return. And, then, when you get home, you realize that you can´t remember which card goes with which person!

Here´s a quick and easy way to keep track of everyone you´ve been networking with . . . write notes on the back of their business card. Not in front of them, of course, but after you´ve collected a few business cards, duck into a hidden corner or stairwell and scribble down any useful information on the back of each card.

You´ll be amazed at how this networking tip helps once you get home. You can call someone up and ask how his trip back Texas went, or inquire after his sick dog and they will feel pretty important that you remembered all these details. It´s a very useful method of boosting your business. People love that you remember them!