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There are two main areas of reputation management. The first is knowing what people are saying about you and the second is getting your name out in the manner you want to be thought of. There are many ways to manage your business reputation, but I´m just going to give you a few in each area to get you started.

Reputation Management Tips: Other People

  • Subscribe to Google Alerts. You should set up different alerts using your business name, title and your own name. This way, anytime anyone blogs about you, it will come up in Google Alerts.
  • Do regular searches. Checking the top search engines for your business name and products will bring up any non-blogging sites to let you know what other people are saying about you.
  • Hire it out. Don´t have the time to stay on top of all this? Then you might want to look at hiring someone else to keep track of all positive and negative feedback.

Reputation Management Tips You Can Use

  • Send out press releases. These will help your business gain a lot of publicity and it is controlled, since you write the press release.
  • Maintain a good relationship with other bloggers. Getting along with bloggers in your field increases the chances of them publishing information about you. It really only takes a little time to become a regular commenter on several blogs and you´ll be building for the future.
  • Keep up the article marketing. Steady feeding of new articles into article directories and websites will bring in more traffic and also help you establish your reputation as an expert.

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