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Social media networking can take up a lot of time if you aren´t careful, time that would be better spent doing something else to help move your business forward. So, it´s in your best interest to make the process as efficient as possible.

Tips for Efficient Social Media Networking

  • Use the buttons given. Most social sites offer shortcut buttons that you put on your bookmark toolbar. These can really speed up the process of marking pages.
  • Set a time limit. You can easily get caught up in social media sites and forget to go back to your other tasks, but that can be prevented by setting an egg timer. Give yourself fifteen to 30 minutes per day to actively participate on 2-3 top social media sites per day.
  • Check friends´ lists. This will give you a list of great sites to vote for and can help boost your social media friends as well.
  • Send two messages a day. This is a very simple task that will help boost your social media network greatly. Just pick a couple of people you haven´t talked to in a while and send them a short message. This keeps the lines of communication open and can benefit you in the future.

Social media networking doesn´t need to and actually shouldn´t, take more than an hour of your day at the very most. It´s far better to spend 15 min. a day on precise, efficient social media than to waste 4-5 hours just wandering. Be more effective in less time.

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