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SEO can be a great way to increase your business and make your website more popular, but it can also cause a lot of problems if you go about it the wrong way. Finding the right balance and avoiding the most common mistakes will help your website hit those high ranks without receiving penalties.

Common SEO Mistakes

  • Keyword stuffing. This happens when you cram too many keywords into your email content. It´s not good SEO, it´s just an obvious attempt to fool the search engines and can get you penalized. Aim for 2-5% keyword density and keep it normal sounding.
  • Not using meta tags. This is something that everyone tends to know about but doesn´t use. Do a little research and you can boost your SEO through the roof!
  • Using exact anchor text. When you are link building, it´s a good idea to avoid asking for the same anchor text all the time. If your keywords are “blue car” then you need to mix it up, “big blue car”, “Blue car for sale”, etc. This will keep the links looking natural.

Don´t make these SEO mistakes. They could cost you a lot of valuable traffic and in the worst case scenario, make your business die down to nothing.

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