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There´s been a lot of information about social media sites on the internet lately, but one that is really coming out is Twitter. This is a micro-blogging platform that many people use to talk about what they are doing and share information with their friends and followers.

With Twitter, you are answering the basic question “What are you doing?” in just 140 characters. This forces you to keep it short and also makes Twitter a social media site that is different from other . . . and not a chat medium. There are so many ways to use Twitter, from your mobile to your desktop, that it´s social media that goes anywhere with you!

So, just what does this social media site have that is so great for business? It allows you to stay connected with hundreds or even thousands of readers and keep them updated on what you are doing. This has a few different purposes:

  • Appear human. It´s easy to lose track of the people behind a business website, but through Twitter, you can establish that you are a normal person they can association with and relate to.
  • Offer up to the minute news. Being able to Twitter about your latest product or blog post allows people to get last minute news from you.
  • Become a resource. If you are constantly Twittering about useful information that your readers and potential clients would be interested in, you´ll be quickly seen as the go to resource on this social media site.

However, not everyone can effectively use a social media tool like Twitter. If you tend to get distracted easily, then this is probably not a good tool to have with you on your mobile, since you can literally spend every waking minute Twittering!

Like all social media sites, moderation is the key. Use it properly and you´ll see some great benefits . . . otherwise it will just be a waste of time.

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