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For any business owner who wants to be successful with their PR, it´s necessary to build a relationship with the media. This really can boost your chances of getting some free PR and with internet, it´s quite easy.

Online networking is fairly easy and you basically just need to dedicate the time to it more than anything. Leaving comments on news blogs is a great way to get started on building a media relationship. But it isn´t the only method.

  • Writing an email to ask a question or let the writer/editor know what a great job they´re doing.
  • Linking to the news blog or site. This may not always work, but it could be a great way to get noticed.
  • Writing quality press releases that are targeted to their market.

Successful PR is far more likely if you make the effort to become friends with those involved in media. You´ll boost your chances of getting your press releases picked up and it will be far easier to stay in the news.

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