co Biz Blogger's Meet-up a Resounding Success! |

Last night, a group of intrepid bloggers of all skill levels (including “wannabe bloggers” – a term coined by attendee Bonnie McVee), newbie bloggers and experienced bloggers from a variety of backgrounds and industries gathered for our 2nd Biz Blogger’s Meet-up here in Minnesota.

Our first meeting last month was attended by just 6 bloggers; last night we had 16 in attendance! The group has been growing steadily by word of mouth and by promotion through this blog and my newsletter and I can’t wait to see the growth we’ll have for future meetings!

Aaron Weiche over at Five Technology joined us and offered great insights from his blogging and internet marketing expertise, and he had the forethought to snap a couple of pictures of the group munching on pizza and talking about blogging – check it out on his internet marketing blog.

A blogging Newbie, Bonnie McVee (mentioned earlier, she was a blogging “wannabe” at our last meeting) has just launched her blog that offers advice for families in drug/alcohol recovery.

Janet Roper is an Animal Communicator who joined us and shared with us how she comes up with ideas for her blog posts (she even makes rats sound like a good choice for a pet. Really!)

I met Byron Ritter at the SEO Meet-up last month, and he joined us and shared ideas from his marketing and promotional experience.

Photographer Mitch Rossow has a blog where he posts a new image every single day – I hadn’t previously known about his blog before last night, but I’m a new fan as his “image a day” inspires my hobbyist photography urges.

Chris Mitchell from the creatively named “25-8 Marketing, Inc.” joined us and it was fun to see the synergies we have between our businesses.

Toni Haselfeldt joined us representing Belladerm MedSpa, Karen Bebchuk from Two Blonds & a Brunette, Chad Sharp from C-Sharp Productions, Jacob Sundberg from Sundberg Chiropractic, Nancy Pflug from Still Pond Shiatsu and Becky Nelson from Porte-Kimm Agency were all on hand with excellent questions and offering great insights from their very different backgrounds – it was a great group!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 28th at 5:30 p.m. at Latuff’s Pizza – if you are in the Minnesota area, come check us out!

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