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Did you know that 48% of online users have searched for a local venue in the previous 3 months? That makes local internet marketing a very useful tool for small business owners who are interested in boosting their sales by adverting online.

Local internet marketing is a method of reaching those who are interested in buying from someone near where they live and the best part . . . . local searchers are usually ready to buy.

You see, the majority of us do general searches online to find out more information about a product. Let´s say you´re in the market for a new camera. You´ll probably start checking out the different models available and read reviews until you´ve narrowed it down to just one or two specific cameras. Then, when you are ready to buy, what do you do?

You look for a local store that offers the camera you want. This is where local internet marketing can really be useful for a small business, especially if you don´t have a large presence in the area yet. People can find you online and see that you have what they need and they are far more likely to purchase from someone near them.

Local internet marketing is a great addition to any other marketing that you are doing and can really help boost sales.

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