co Networking with Potential Clients in Online Forums |

Did you realize that online networking can be a very powerful method of boosting your business? The internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, for free on forums. Forums are a great place to build community, as well and this makes them even more effective for business networking.

Networking via forums isn´t just about dropping in, splashing your business announcement all around and then never coming back. That seldom works and you´ll find that most people will ignore you, though you may even have your spammy posts removed from the boards.

The best way to get noticed on the forums is to participate in the community. You´ll want to answer other people´s questions and ask your own from time to time. Many forums have a counter to let you know how many comments you´ve posted and if you start talking about your business before you have more than 10 posts, people will tend to assume you are just there for advertising purposes.

Filling in your profile and adding a photo will really help give you more credibility. So will using a decent user name. If your business is called Jungle Vet Supplies and you use it as your user name, it will look like you are there to sell. However, that doesn´t mean you can´t use a form of your business name. In this case, you could use Jungle Vet and leave off the “Supplies”. That way, you will still be associated with part of your business name, but not automatically avoided like a spammer.

Taking part in discussions and making useful contributions is vital in online networking through forums. Most participants will be quite protective of their community and you could end up booted out if you aren´t careful. Online networking can be a valuable resource, so treat it like one and participate actively in several relevant forums to gain publicity.