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Every online business should have some form of email marketing campaign. The problem most online marketers face is getting their list to grow beyond just their online contacts and customers. The more opt ins you have on your list, the higher your chances are of boosting sales.

5 Email Marketing Tips

  1. Tell a friend. Have your existing subscribers do all the hard work for you, just include a link or note at the bottom of your email to remind them to pass the email on to friends if they found it useful.
  2. Hold a contest. People love contests, especially if the prizes are worth entering. You can easily get a lot of publicity for this and give away your own products or services to save money, or find sponsors to donate prizes. In order to enter, people have to subscribe to your email marketing list.
  3. Join a giveaway. These can be a great way to build your email marketing list if you have a free gift to give away. Include the URL to your website and sign-up page in the free ebook or software that you are offering to gain more sign ups if they give the book to their friends.
  4. Team up with someone. Joining forces with a business contact can really boost your list. All you need to do is add their sign up URL to your thank you page, the page that shows up when someone signs up for your newsletter. They do the same for you.
  5. Promote, promote, promote. Mention your list everywhere, in your emails, on every page of your website, at the end of your blog posts, etc. People can´t sign up for something they don´t know about!

Email marketing
should be an important part of your business. It´s cheap and efficient and you can reach a lot of potential clients. The trick is to grow your list and the tips above will help you do just that.

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