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Using SEO on your business website just makes good sense. It´s something that you really ought to do if you want any measure of success online. But too many online business people are using just one main keyword, which is a huge mistake.

More than one keyword is an important method of bringing in more traffic. While you can, and probably should, use more than one main keyword, I´m going to talk about keyword phrases or long-tail keywords. For example, if you want to rank for the word “flowers” you probably don´t have much of a chance. It´s just too popular of a keyword and there is a lot of competition. However, you might be able to rank well for something like “how to grow flowers” or “centerpiece with flowers”. Obviously the longer phrases will relate to your business.

Now, when you use a longer phrase like “centerpiece with flowers”, you are still in the ranking for “flowers” since every time you use the phrase it will include that word. This is great SEO and you will also rank higher for the keyword phrase. This is great because although you may not get as many visitors, you will still end up with quite a few.

Choosing your keyword phrases is the trick. Don´t just jump on any old phrase, that´s not a good SEO technique! However, if you do some research, you can find phrases that both have low competition and good search numbers. You want a minimum of 200 people searching each keyword phrase and a maximum of 30,000 competition websites. You can see the competition by typing in the keyword phrase in Google, using parenthesis. The search result number that comes up is the number of websites that are optimized for that keyword phrase. Wordtracker is a good place to find out how many people are searching a particular phrase and also to get ideas for new keyword phrases.

SEO is not only about focusing on one particular keyword, if you can rank for more than one, all the better. However, you will have better luck using keyword phrases that all work with your main keyword. Try it and see if you can´t get up in the search engines!

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