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Social media can be a very effective arena for business promotion, but many people feel that they should be able to simply flood the social media sites with their links and get plenty of traffic, without repercussions. However, this is probably the best way to be labeled as a spammer and your sites will end up being voted down into oblivion, with the worst case scenario being that you end up banned!

So, how do you go about using social media properly? Keep in mind the old adage, “It´s better to give than to receive” and you´ll do just fine.

Social Media Giving Tips

Vote for others.
Spend some time just browsing the site and voting for content that you like. Likewise, if it´s lousy or spam content, vote it down.

Comment. Make comments and fill out the review sections when you are voting. While most social media sites don´t require this, it is still something that will help build your reputation and will help others decide if they are interested in reading it or not.

Make friends. When you find someone who has similar tastes to yours, why not add them to your friends list? Then, rather than simply ignoring them, stay in contact from time to time, vote for their content and check out their website.

Bookmark new sites. When you come across something interesting on the internet, add it to your favorite social media sites to share it with others.

Giving more than you get is the perfect way to make social media work for you. You´ll find that people are more than willing to vote for your items and will be happy to add you as a friend when you have a good reputation for being a community-minded player. Try not to bookmark or vote your own material very often, if possible, have someone else do that for you, so you won´t show up as the person who “discovered” your own site. All these tips can really help with your social media campaign and get you far better publicity than simply spamming will.

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