co SEO for Small Business: Why Keyword Density Matters |

SEO is always about keywords first and foremost, since that is what the search engines look for first. You´ll hear a lot of words being kicked around, but one major question that people have when they are just getting started in SEO is about keyword density, the number of times your keywords should be repeated in your work.

The truth is that opinions vary, but in general, you want to stick with something between 1-5%. This is usually more than enough for the search engine to pick up on those words and realize that your site is about them. However, if you use too many keywords per article or page, you will rapidly end up in trouble.

Keyword stuffing is the art of cramming as many keywords as possible onto one page. It looks unnatural and can actually get you banned by most major search engines, so you want to be very, very careful about this. Usually, anything below 5% is acceptable. You´ll catch the attention of the search engines without making people turn away as soon as they see it. The trick is in doing SEO that is completely readable by humans, not just strings of keywords and keyword phrases!

Keyword density is an important part of SEO, especially if you are hiring out the writing work. You´ll need to be able to tell the writers how many times to repeat your keywords in the content they write. This will really help your business and your SEO.

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