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Online PR is very effective because you can reach huge numbers of people. But the first thing you need to do is catch their attention, which can be difficult to do when everyone else is trying to do the same thing. Rather than simply set up a sales page and a website to sell your services or products, participating in a little online PR is a great way to boost your sales. It requires a little extra work, but you can´t expect people to come flocking to your small business if you are just sitting around, twiddling your thumbs.

Press releases.
Sending out a press release is a pretty basic PR move, but don´t just send them to the big press. Look for blogs and websites that are related to your topic and send them email press releases. Many won´t publish anything, but you never know!

Free tips. Offering free tips on just about any subject is an excellent and very effective method of PR. People will flock to your site to download your free videos, ebooks or reports that will help them improve their lives. You will require a name and email address, of course, before they can get the freebie.

Article marketing. This is still a very good way to boost your online PR. Many news-type publications pick up on articles that contain information that they can use, so if you can provide it, you´re in luck.

Contest. Many people will participate in a contest, even if they wouldn´t normally give your website a second glance. Put this to work for you and offer a contest. You´ll see lots of websites and blogs picking up a great contest and promoting it to their readers, especially if that gets them an extra entry.

Online PR really isn´t that different from offline, but it is definitely more cost effective and you can reach a far wider audience than you would with offline PR. This is a big factor for small businesses who need to keep on top of things without spending much money.

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