co Online Branding: Develop a Tag Line |

Branding is often most notable in logos and tag lines. Think of Nike and you think of the swoosh symbol and “Just do it”, and most successful businesses have a very memorable tag line. You´ll see online tags below the blog or website title, usually and this can be exactly what you want people to remember about you. However, in order to make this useful, you will need a great tag line and those don´t just fall out of the sky!

Branding Your Tag Line Tips

  • Keep it short. Long tag lines are difficult to remember, while a short tag line is great for branding as it sticks in people´s minds.
  • Make it relevant. You want the tag line to refer to your business or what you do, so it should be able to explain what you are doing in just a few words.
  • Be snappy. Awkward phrases aren´t going to be memorable and certainly don´t help with branding, so keep things snappy and rhythmic.
  • Brainstorm. Come up with a bunch of words that have to do with or describe your business and then see what you can do with them.
  • Get a second opinion. Before you decide that your branding tag line is the greatest thing since sliced bread, get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it and tell you if there could be improvements made.

Branding is an important part of your business and it begins with the image you present on your literature and website. Make sure your tag line reflects who you are as a business and carries the spirit of the company. This will really help people remember you in the long run.