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Video marketing is a very effective medium, since people are so visually oriented. Have you considered integrating video marketing into your email marketing campaign? This can be an excellent method of adding more interest and value to your newsletters and you´ll find that readers respond well to the addition of video links in your email content.

What sort of videos should you include in your emails? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Video Marketing for Email

  • Tutorials – anything to do with your business is perfect
  • Tips – for getting the most out of your service or product
  • Interviews -with someone big in the industry, this could be via webcam
  • Walkthroughs – particularly good if you have a software product that you´re selling
  • Testimonials – have happy customers send in a video of themselves talking up your product

Video marketing
through your email newsletter will help create a better bond with your readers. It really does help to provide a multimedia experience where people can not only read about your business, but actually see it in action. It´s definitely worthwhile adding this technique to your email marketing repertoire.

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