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Not everyone has a huge budget to blow on internet marketing, buying email lists and paying big bucks to get the top place in pay per click ads, but that doesn´t mean you can´t be successful. Businesses on shoestring budgets can still have a great run at internet marketing, simply because it is an online game and that makes it workable for those who are short on cash.

If you don´t have much money for internet marketing, don´t worry. It might take a bit longer, but you can still get to the top. It will require hard work and determination, but those are two characteristics that many entrepreneurs already have. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Comment on blogs.
  • Start your own blog.
  • Offer a freebie in a giveaway.
  • Hold a contest.
  • Utilize viral marketing, write an ebook, make a video, etc.
  • Article marketing.
  • Guest post on other people´s blogs.
  • Comment in forums.
  • Get listed in blog and website directories.
  • Use your URL and tag line in all outgoing emails.

There are plenty of other methods of doing internet marketing without having huge funds behind you, but this list will get you started. What do you do to market on a budget?

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