co Networking at Adventures in Brainstorming |

While I welcome both men and women on this blog, there is an event geared specifically to women coming up that I would like to cover. Adventures in Brainstorming is an event hosted by my friend, Beth Woodward, for women in business.

If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, this is the perfect opportunity to meet up with other women who are running businesses and not only get some networking done, but also to brainstorm great ideas for your business. Everyone will be divided into groups of four to come up with ideas for their businesses and with so many talented women, you can be sure the ideas will be flying!

I went to Beth’s LAST event in January, and I can tell you it was extremely powerful. I walked away with many great ideas, and several that I’ve implemented have already paid me back for my investment in the program several times over, with more results to come. I highly recommend Beth’s Adventures in Brainstorming for anyone looking for breakthrough ways to grow your business!

Head over to the Adventure in Brainstorming website now, because if you book before March 25th, you can get a discount! The brainstorming will be held on April 1st.