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It´s happened to many big companies, one little scandal that spreads like wildfire and even the best business can come crashing down . . . and the internet makes it super easy for this to happen. A recent post on ComputerWorld discusses whether or not it is ethical to manage your online reputation:

Online reputation management “is a space that’s hot and is heating up further,” says Jeff Zabin, an analyst at Aberdeen Group Inc. who recently co-authored a report on social media monitoring and analysis. Executives are waking up to how the Internet can be used as an early warning system to alert them if their company’s brand names and reputations are at risk as a result of a product defect, a disgruntled customer’s blog rant or some other looming crisis, says Zabin.

If the news is bad, SEO techniques can help level the playing field. Sophisticated algorithms and other techniques allow manufacturers, retailers and other types of businesses to suppress unfavorable blog posts about their companies, and learn things about consumer preferences and perceptions of their brands like never before.

The practice of beating out the bad press by improving your SEO techniques can be considered good reputation management, or it can be looked at as messing with the natural rythme of the internet. After all, people are supposed to be able to find useful information online, right? By getting your site placed higher than bad reviews, you could be accused of spamming, but to most businesses, it is just good sense . . . what do you think?

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