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Social media is still a growing method of gaining publicity for good, quality blogs. With the voting system, almost every spam site gets voted down and deleted, but good sites will continue to gain popularity and will receive the benefit of extra traffic. But how do you get discovered in the first place?

Methods of Social Media Discovery

  • Use social media buttons. Make it very easy for your readers to vote for your content by including the buttons for any social media sites that you would like to be on.
  • Join forces. Make friends on social media sites and start exchanging votes. To keep the sites clean, only vote for content that really is interesting and useful.
  • Include social media links in your RSS. If you use something like Feedburner, you can add StumbleUpon and Digg links to your actual feed. That way people don´t even have to go to your blog in order to vote.
  • Remind people to vote. There´s no reason you can´t remind people to vote for you with a little note at the end of your blog post. Something like “Did you enjoy this post? Why not Digg it?”

Social media is a great way to boost your popularity and traffic, particularly for blogs, so make sure you use it. With these tips for getting discovered, you should be raking in the traffic soon.

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