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Any PR is good PR, right? Not necessarily. While bad PR might work for Britney Spears, it isn´t good for a small business, but many businesses make some big mistakes when they are getting started.

Sending out ads instead of info.
Whether you are sending a press release or an email newsletter, making it an ad in disguise is a bad idea and will get you nowhere. In fact, it can destroy your reputation and cause you to lose potential clients. Send out press releases that are actual news and email newsletters that contain real, useful content and you´ll be fine.

Spamming forums. We all know that forums can be a great PR place, but too many small businesses use them as simply an advertising medium. Answering questions with something like “Please check out my website for the solution to your problem.” will probably get you banned, though even if it doesn´t, very few people will look at your site because they already have a bad impression.

Using technical jargon. While you might be trying to impress someone, using technical words in any type of PR is probably a bad idea unless the vocabulary is pretty common. Editors don´t have the time needed to dig out the dictionary just to understand your press release and they probably won´t bother with it since their audience won´t understand either.

Sending emails to hundreds of editors. This is considered spamming, even if you have a fairly decent news story. Pick a few relevant people to send your information to and it is far more likely to get picked up.

Bad PR can sink your business, or at the very least, not help it move forward. If you bug people or spam them, you can bet you´ll be blacklisted and your press releases will never make it through, so be careful, be responsible and be successful.

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