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Any website or blog could do with extra links. It´s something that helps boost SEO for small business and getting extra links really doesn´t have to be that difficult. If you have a little time and motivation, you can up your SEO potential.

Get SEO Links

  • Linkbait works very well to gain extra links. Linkbait is simply something that is useful, funny or controversial enough to get other blogs and websites linking to it. If you write something particularly useful, you could end up with hundreds of links!
  • Deep linking is when you link to your internal webpages or blog posts instead of the homepage. This catches the attention of the search engines and works to boost your SEO ranking. Do this both on your website and anytime you have the chance to set up links elsewhere.
  • Group writing projects are fairly popular these days on blogs and can give you that extra SEO boost that you´re looking for. These are often held by larger blogs, and not only the main blog links to all entries, but most entrants also publish a list of participants with links. A group writing project could end up bringing you literally dozens or even hundreds of links, many of these from high ranking websites.

Links are one of the easier methods of boosting your SEO, so it´s a good idea to implement the above strategies into your marketing campaign. It will help your business blog or site become more popular with the search engines and also get your name out there on the web.