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Not all email marketing has to be done via informative newsletters. In fact, it is quite possible to only send out the occasional email and still be quite successful at communicating with your subscribers. If you have a fairly tight business schedule that doesn´t allow for much time to send out emails, you might want to select an option apart from a regular newsletter or daily updates.

Email Marketing Options

Newsletters. You don´t have to send out daily newsletters, but if you want to use this handy method of keeping in touch with your readers, it´s fine to send it out less frequently. You might also consider hiring a ghostwriter to do this for you.

Sales. You can send out sales notes whenever you are offering a discount for your goods or services. People are often more than happy to receive a “25% off coupon” in their inbox, especially if it is something that they signed up for. Offering exclusive coupons and discounts to subscribers is a good way to get them to sign up and this type of email marketing campaign doesn´t have to be sent out all that often.

Updates. Letting folks know when things have changed is an excellent reason to send out the occasional email. In fact, many people are fine with signing up for updates from a business they appreciate.

RSS. If you run a blog and feel that having an email marketing campaign set up would just be too much, ask people to sign up for your RSS feed via email. You can add special offers and information and even send out the occasional email only to subscribers. This can save a lot of time.

Remember that when you are reducing the frequency of your email marketing emails, it is important to send something out at least once a month, or you run the risk of having your subscribers forget about you. That is something you definitely don´t want since it means they will more likely delete your emails.

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