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It´s very easy to ignore parts of internet marketing that you simply don´t understand or aren´t sure how to do. Tracking and analytics falls under this category for many small business owners. The whole concept sounds good, but it is often quite confusing, so it just gets left out. Bad idea.

While you can certainly be successful at internet marketing without tracking and analyzing everything you do, this would be a huge mistake. Here are a few very good reasons that you should consider including tracking and analytics in your internet marketing campaigns:

  • Repeat successful campaigns.
  • Know which of several ads run at the same time works best.
  • Dump useless internet marketing campaigns.
  • Find out exactly where people are coming into your website . . . it probably isn´t your home page.
  • Tailor your landing pages precisely for those who are actually landing on them, with tracking and analytics, you can see exactly what people are doing once they land on your site.

It is worth it to learn how to incorporate tracking and analytics into your internet marketing. It will allow you to boost your business by quite a bit, since you can see exactly what is working and what isn´t. You may get a general idea of this by just looking at your basic website stats, but proper tracking will tell you a lot more and give you details that can help you increase your conversion rates and adjust your pages to draw in more clients.

If you aren´t currently using tracking and analytics, you definitely need to start. Otherwise, it´s like driving on flat tires because you just aren´t sure how to fill them up!

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