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Online branding is just as important as offline, particularly if you run your business online. Online publicity is not the same as branding, though you can definitely do both at the same time. Basically, if you are going to pay for or even spend time on getting advertising or any kind of publicity online, you might as well be branding your business at the same time!

Signature lines. In email and forums or wherever you are given the chance to add a signature line, make sure it is the same. Don´t be using a variety of different ones, unless you have different online businesses. People will come to recognize your tag line.

Logo. It´s possible, especially for new businesses, that you may change your logo or develop it over time. Make sure you go back and replace your old one in any directories or ads whenever you do this. It´s a good idea to keep track of where you have written about your business or put up ads.

You. As the business owner, you have a unique advantage in that you can put yourself on your website and let people know that there is a real human being behind the business. Branding with yourself creates a more human connection with visitors and knowing they can contact you will help them trust you more.

Branding for your online business should be up there with all your important publicity techniques. It is just as important any advertising that you do and will pay off for far longer than a month long ad.

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